It’s a Perfect Full Moon Weekend for Surfers of Consciousness

Surf's up everybody, and this portal adventure we've been taking is building to a climax. I've got a new video on our powerful planetary alignment and it's called: "This Super Portal is Peaking! Full Moon Activation!"  I really hope you will check it out and maximize what is possible over this long pleasure weekend for surfers and dreamers.

It all got going about 6 weeks ago, two New Moons ago, when we entered the "Dance Party Portal," and we started to get groovy with the cosmos. The rare, once in 7 years, Sun-Venus-Mars triple conjunction really got bumpin' at the Full Moon a month ago, and then we were shakin' it towards a major Stargate that opened a couple of weeks ago at the New Moon.


Not since the year 2000 have we entered a Super Portal like this, with all the inner planets, the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars and the Earth all in a perfect conjunction alignment, and all dancing in a Cosmic Conga Line through the heavens.  My video on this very rare Super Portal is approaching 1400 views, and I hope you will check it out if you haven't already seen it.

Can you feel it? Do you see your major new timelines opening? Are you sailing towards unexpected star systems with visions of awesome new possibilities? I really hope so. You just need to relax your left brain and get things flowing with your right brain, and then just open to receive the Medicine Visions of Now. We've passed through the Stargate, there's no turning back, and we're sailing deeper into the portal. 

Last week I published another video focusing on how this Super Portal is especially unique with Jupiter and Neptune forming what's called a "T-Square" pattern with the inner planets. T-Squares are one of the most powerful astrological configurations, and with their high-energy frequency they tend to trigger major time waves.

T-squares are like the tension of a bow with the arrow ready to be released towards the target. Ours is a T-Square of Big Visions and Dreams, and a moment to take aim on your envisioned timeline. Can you see it? Can you see that Big-Vision-Timeline? Can you feel the possibility of a larger vision for your life?

So here we are at the Full Moon activation of our Super Portal, and its a Full Moon activation of an exact Mars-Jupiter-Neptune T-Square. Wow, that's potent. This does not happen everyday people! So drop what you're doing, call into work for a couple mental health days, and get your surf boards ready.

It's a long-weekend for surfers, and in my new video I've got some pointers for successfully catching time waves and maximizing what could be a life-changing weekend of dreams. You're going to learn about the "Five P's." These are 5 important principles for being pulled towards awesome timewaves. You need to understand these principles if you are going to have the maximum amount of fun this weekend. So I hope you watch it and share it with any other surfers of consciousness that you may know. Tell everyone that surf's up and to surf safe.

Some of you will get out your longboards to cruise those pleasure waves, and others of you will get out those jet skis for some amazing tow-in action. For the rest of us there are warm sand beaches with safe views of big blue rollers across the horizon. Have your cameras ready people, there should be some really beautiful waves worth filming for posterity. Please don't stretch beyond your skill level, and let's aim for pleasure waves everybody.

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